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Molecular Glasses™ Files Patents on Crosslinkable and NONcrystallizable™ Organic Semiconductors for OLED and other Organic Electronics: “NONcrystallizable™ OLED”

Low- glass-transition-temperature crosslinkable plasticizer

Molecular Glasses, a division of Molaire Consulting LLC, has filed for patent protection for its crosslinkable and non-crystallizable organic semiconductor materials for OLED and other organic electronic applications.
The new patent filings cover the preparation of crosslinkable and non-crystallizable hole-transporting, electron-transporting, ambipolar and luminescent compositions of matter, including procedures to ensure their purity. Also covered is a process of printing dopants image-wise on the surface of a host material plasticized with a very low-glass-transition-temperature (Tg) crosslinkable multifunctional material. The lower-Tg composition enables subsequent thermal diffusion of the dopants into the host layer uniformly at a very low temperature (below 80° C) without the assistance of solvent. Once dopant diffusion is completed, the layer is exposed to actinic energy for crosslinking and restoration of its original thermal properties.


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