Molecular Glasses, Recipient of The Cornell University Fall 2014 JumpStart Project


The Cornell Center for Materials Research Announces Fall 2014 JumpStart Project Recipients
During the Fall 2014 semester, three companies have been awarded funding and will participate in the following collaborations:
Incodema3D Inc., Ithaca, NY will collaborate with Professor Shefford Baker, Materials Science and Engineering to characterize the physical properties of several metallic materials made into test specimens by an additive 3D manufacturing process.

Shadetree Innovation, Marcy, NY will collaborate with Matt Ulinski, Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Master of Engineering Program Director at Cornell University, to develop a working device intended to be installed between a bathroom shower head and the supply pipe that will conserve both water and energy.
Molaire Consulting LLC., Rochester, NY will collaborate with Professor Brett Fors, Chemistry and Chemical Biology to synthesize 4 new molecular glass materials for use in organic light emitting diode applications. The new materials will then be characterized and tested for their mass, thermal, electrical, and photo-physical properties.
About Molaire Consulting
Michel Molaire is a chemist with thirty six years of materials, formulations and coatings experience. He is CEO and Founder of Molecular Glasses, a division of Molaire Consulting developing noncrystallizable molecular glasses for OLED and other organic electronic applications.
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