Mike Molaire, CEO and Founder

Michel (Mike) Molaire, CEO & Founder, Molecular Glasses



Michel F. Molaire, CEO and Founder of Molaicular Glasses™, received BS (chemistry), M.S. (polymer science), and MBA from the University of Rochester.

His experience includes polymer synthesis, photopolymerization, molecular glasses, optical recording materials, electrographic masters, photoreceptors, pigment dispersions, conductive coatings, castable polyurethane, image transfer materials, and dip coating technology.

He holds 58 U.S. patents. Molaire is recipient of Kodak’s C.E.K. Mees Award for excellence in scientific research and reporting, inductee of Kodak’s Distinguished Inventor's Gallery and the African Scientific Institute Fellowship.

He currently serves as Board Member of IS&T and the Rochester Professional Consultants Network


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